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EmailRevealer Launches Internet Gambling Addiction Investigation Service

July 30, 2011

Colorado Springs, Colorado July 29, 2011 –
A recent study revealed that in America, approximately 2.5 million adults suffer from compulsive gambling, about 3 million are considered problem gamblers, around 15 million adults are at risk of becoming problem gamblers.148 million fall under the low risk gambler category.

That’s why an Internet investigations service run by Ed Opperman of Opperman Investigations Inc has launched a custom designed investigative service aimed at obtaining evidence of Internet gambling addiction.

Retrieving evidence of an Internet gambling addiction, can prove to be beneficial when one is trying prove a parent is unfit in child custody litigation. However, due to legal restrictions and privacy laws, consumers are not generally able to access the membership lists of online gambling sites without a court ordered subpoena.. This is why Email Revealer’s new Internet Gambling Addiction Investigation can be helpful in child custody litigation.

According to Ed Opperman, the owner of and the inventor of this new service, “This [Gambling Addiction Investigation] is an excellent legal method of obtaining evidence of a gambling addiction. So far we have had great sucess, much better than the dating Service Infidelity Investigation”

Opperman’s web site,¸ describes Internet gambling investigation as being for people that have noticed signs of gambling addiction and suspect their partner is betting online with a secret online betting account.

“The way the search works is we take a suspected gamblers email address and use it to search all the online gambling web sites. We return a report of a list of sites the email is registered on ” Says Opperman. “It’s better than the dating site search because people use a real verified email address to gamble with because they want to get paid if they win”

Email Revealer’s email tracing services are not limited to gambling or infidelity, however. Alongside locating cheaters and gamblers, their Reverse Email Search Investigation services can locate or identify cyber stalkers or people engaged in Online defamation. It can also locate people like bail jumpers or run away teens.


Email Revealer is an online investigation service that specializes in investigating extramarital activity. In addition to their computer and cell phone forensics services, Email Revealer provides personal ad investigations, porn and escort web site investigations, and dating service investigation. For more information on Email Revealer’s Gambling Addiction Search , visit

Ed Opperman
Opperman Investigations Inc #211
1837 S. Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs CO 80905
702 897 0061


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