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Opperman Investigations and will be featured on ABC Nightline this Friday 1/18/1013 I’ll be discussing how Email tracing and computer and cell phone forensics can be used to catch people in infidelity.

Is Technology Killing The Cheater? PI’s Reveal How They Track Digital Infidelity Trails – ABC News

Jan. 24, 2013—

Technology Can Scour Escort Service Sites for a Cheater’s Email

1. Deleted Stuff On Cell Phones Can Be Retrieved

Ed Opperman, a PI based in Henderson, Nev., said he has recovered deleted text messages, calendar updates, memos, incoming and outgoing call records and other information from cell phones of alleged cheats. “There’s a lot of information in a phone that is excellent for an infidelity investigation,” Opperman said. “We want the deleted stuff, that’s what we’re looking for.”

2. Website Registries Can Be Combed for Email Addresses

For a fee, Opperman offers to scour dating, escort services, porn and personal ad website registries for a suspected cheat’s email address through his website, “It is very quick,” he said. “The whole search takes about 20 minutes.”

3. Long Phone Call Records Can Be a Red Flag

Don’t forget about those good old fashioned phone records. Some private investigators will look through those too for clues. Nazarian said when he looks at phone bills for someone who is suspected of cheating, he takes note of the number of minutes someone is talking. “Most cell phone calls are like a minute, two minutes, three minutes max,” he said. “When you see a 30, 40, 50 minute cell phone call and that number keeps popping up, there’s a problem.”

4. Cyber Honey Traps Can Be Set

Some private investigators will also try to approach a suspected cheater online to lure them or catch them in the act. “In general, on the Internet, people think they are invisible,” Opperman said. “They think they can get away with a lot. The older ones, they aren’t that tech savvy and they don’t realize the trail that they are leaving behind.”

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EmailRevealer Launches Internet Gambling Addiction Investigation Service

Colorado Springs, Colorado July 29, 2011 –
A recent study revealed that in America, approximately 2.5 million adults suffer from compulsive gambling, about 3 million are considered problem gamblers, around 15 million adults are at risk of becoming problem gamblers.148 million fall under the low risk gambler category.

That’s why an Internet investigations service run by Ed Opperman of Opperman Investigations Inc has launched a custom designed investigative service aimed at obtaining evidence of Internet gambling addiction.

Retrieving evidence of an Internet gambling addiction, can prove to be beneficial when one is trying prove a parent is unfit in child custody litigation. However, due to legal restrictions and privacy laws, consumers are not generally able to access the membership lists of online gambling sites without a court ordered subpoena.. This is why Email Revealer’s new Internet Gambling Addiction Investigation can be helpful in child custody litigation.

According to Ed Opperman, the owner of and the inventor of this new service, “This [Gambling Addiction Investigation] is an excellent legal method of obtaining evidence of a gambling addiction. So far we have had great sucess, much better than the dating Service Infidelity Investigation”

Opperman’s web site,¸ describes Internet gambling investigation as being for people that have noticed signs of gambling addiction and suspect their partner is betting online with a secret online betting account.

“The way the search works is we take a suspected gamblers email address and use it to search all the online gambling web sites. We return a report of a list of sites the email is registered on ” Says Opperman. “It’s better than the dating site search because people use a real verified email address to gamble with because they want to get paid if they win”

Email Revealer’s email tracing services are not limited to gambling or infidelity, however. Alongside locating cheaters and gamblers, their Reverse Email Search Investigation services can locate or identify cyber stalkers or people engaged in Online defamation. It can also locate people like bail jumpers or run away teens.


Email Revealer is an online investigation service that specializes in investigating extramarital activity. In addition to their computer and cell phone forensics services, Email Revealer provides personal ad investigations, porn and escort web site investigations, and dating service investigation. For more information on Email Revealer’s Gambling Addiction Search , visit

Ed Opperman
Opperman Investigations Inc #211
1837 S. Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs CO 80905
702 897 0061

Ed Opperman – Opperman Investigations Inc -Private Investigator Biography

Ed Opperman Biography

Ed Opperman President and senior investigator of Opperman Investigations Inc, a private detective agency based in Colorado is also President of Accurate Information Recovery. A computer and cell phone forensics examination and data recovery company based in Nevada.

Having grown up on the tough streets of the South Bronx in NYC , Ed learned at an early age how to navigate between both sides of the law. He negotiated his way from street gangs to the college campus. Earning his degree and certification in Paralegal Studies on the CSI campus in Staten Island New York.. Ed has led a very colorful life, running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain, competing in marathons and participating in may political causes both as a political activist and street protestor and mainstream campaign fundraiser. A successful businessman in many fields Ed has owned and operated a Manhattan nightclub as well as a telecommunications company. .

Ed has worked in the investigations field since the early 1980s first as an information broker and later in counter electronic surveillance. Working for the defense with some of NYCs top law firms and private investigators in many high profile organized crime cases. Later he teamed up with 2 retired NYPD Detectives to do employment and background screening Investigations.

In 1997 using his experience in telecommunications Ed began to investigate and trace emails back to the sender. He was able to use these techniques to locate and identify an organized group of Usenet cyber stalkers that were at the core of a 60 million dollar defamation lawsuit. At the time this type of investigation was unheard of. But Ed developed many techniques that are now considered to be the standard methods used by FBI and DHS in email tracing investigations. More recently Ed Opperman Investigations Inc and were enlisted by Howard Stern’s “Howard 100 News” dept to identify the sender of a false and defamatory email sent to thwart the appointment of a candidate in Greenwich Conn .

He used these email tracing techniques to invent a method of Internet infidelity investigation to trace a persons email address to online dating personal ads, dating sites, social networks, porn site, cam site and escort site memberships. Opperman Investigations Inc is the inventor and sole provider of this service worldwide.

In 2003 Ed teamed up with the ‘founding fathers’ of Cell Phone Forensics and digital data recovery. These men were fresh from the fields of Afghanastan hot on the heels of international terrorists. At the time this was a technology that was extremely cutting edge. Ed soon made a name for himself in this area and has become the leading provider of this type of Digital Forensic Investigation.
Ed and have been chosen to examine the cell phones in the Tiger Woods infidelity investigation . His services have been used to investigate allegations of infidelity launched against Aston Kutcher and Todd and Sarah Palin as well as many other high profile clients.
Some of the cases he has consulted on:

A prolific writer and speaker, Ed has authored over 500 published articles on the private investigation field as well as the book “Learn How To Become a Private Investigator: Volume 1”. He also hosts many lectures and training seminars in investigative techniques. Cases he has worked have been reported on CNN, Fox News,,, TMZ, Radar Online, National Enquirier, Howard 100 News, Star, New York post, People magazine, Greenwich times.

Today and Opperman Investigations Inc serve literally thousands of clients each year in countries all over the globe.

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